Sign the petition to Defend Our Water from Adani's coal mine!

We will add your signature to the growing list of names on our petition. When we have reached 2,000 signatures we will deliver the petition to our Federal political leaders.

Dear The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison and Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten,

While Queensland is suffering through one climate change fuelled catastrophe after another Adani continues to push ahead with their plans to create one of the worlds most controversial and polluting mines and in the process extract billions of litres of precious water from our fragile rivers and underground reservoirs.

If approved Adani will suck up 260 billion litres of ground water and annually consume up to 12.5 billion litres of river water from the ephemeral Suttor River. Water that is badly needed by farmers, ground water dependent communities, businesses and the environment. The Adani project also threatens the future existence of ancient aquifers, springs and bores that drought affected farmers and graziers depend on for their livelihood.

We the signatories of this petition call on you to rescind Adani's controversial water licenses and protect our precious water resources for current and all future generations.