Coral Bleaching - Email your MP

By sending your QLD Politicians an email today, with your concerns and values for Our Great Barrier Reef, we may have a chance to save it!

Currently our local politicians with the power to take actions to prevent further damage of our Reef from the effects of Climate Change don't believe it's a priority.


Help us by sending this email today to show that it IS a priority for you and that saving the Reef will be a key issue for Queenslanders this election year!

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Hot Tip: If you add your own thoughts and feelings about what the Great Barrier Reef means to you and your family, it will be far more powerful!

e.g. Share your memorable Reef experiences, talk about why its important and particularly, if it contributes to your job, or family. 

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In the upcoming Queensland State Election people like you will be looking for politicians with plans to support our Reef. Let's make it politicians priority too!

Thank you for your support.